[WATCH VIDEO] Texas Resident is told to remove his American Flag because it’s offends Muslims


By: Suzanne Olden

Did you know that our flag, the stars and stripes, is a threat? Yep, in another example of the ridiculousness of kowtowing to those who hate us, a Texas resident was told to take down his American flag. Why? It’s a “threat” to Muslims.

Duy Tran moved into a new apartment in the Lodge on El Dorado in Webster, Texas. Once he got settled in, he hung his American flag from the balcony of his apartment. His neighbors didn’t mind. They liked the show of patriotism. The property manager, though, had other ideas. She told him to remove the flag because it was what she deemed a “threat to the Muslim community.” She didn’t tell him violated any community rules, she said specifically that it was a threat to the Muslim community.

When confronted by the news media, she handed them a statement then threatened to call the police if they didn’t leave. The statement, which can be read here, addressed “aesthetics” of the community and rules, but the manager never addressed them with Mr. Tran. He, smartly, insists that he isn’t threatening anyone and that unless and until they show him said rules, the flag stays. His words: “I’m going to leave my flag there, as an American, until she shows me proof that I don’t have the right to leave my flag there. I have friends that died for this country.”

And he shouldn’t. He’s not alone. Earlier this year California high school students were told that they were banned from wearing red, white and blue shirts on Cinco de Mayo. Typically, the 9th Circuit upheld the rights of Mexican students celebrating a foreign holiday over those of our own exercising their speech rights. The school said it was for the “safety” of the students, and that concern outweighed their right to free speech. They were worried that the Latino students would become violent when seeing red, white and blue shirts. It had happened in the past. The Court said that given past problems, school officials had “sufficient and justifiable” reasons.

Here’s a thought for the school administrators, how about you tell the Latino kids that violence is unwelcome and students are allowed to wear what they want? Last I knew about schools all over the US, using threats will get you expelled. Enforce much? Or does that only work against elementary school kids who use pop-tart guns? How about we send the message that to the Latino kids that thuggery and threats aren’t the appropriate response to someone expressing a different opinion? I know that’s really hard for the left to grasp. Too much to expect? Apparently.

So, patriotic Americans, please keep this in mind. Your flag is a threat to those who want to use violence to take away your freedoms. Oh, wait, we already knew that. How about we expect the courts to enforce THAT freedom of speech. So fly them high and proud, put on your best flag t-shirt and don’t let the bullies win!




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