[VIDEO]: Obama and The Collapse of America – Obama Acting Like a Dictator Executing the Final Stages.


By David Risselada

Obama is now Expediting The Collapse of America, Acting Like A Dictator Executing the Final Stages, Bypassing Congress with Executive Orders, and Trashing Our Constitution in the Process.

While many people are awakening to the Obama ADMINISTRATION and their attempts to undermine our national sovereignty, it must be stated that this has been an ongoing effort for many, many decades.

Barack Obama is merely a tool selected to get an already conditioned population to accept the final stages of a plan that will see the United States surrender its sovereignty and merge into a global governing structure where she will no longer be respected as a world superpower, but viewed merely as another third world nation that is morally equivalent to all others.

There are three main pillars of our society and culture that need to be changed from the inside in order for this transformation to take place; immigration, education and the military.

It is hard to argue, even for those who adamantly oppose any idea of conspiracy theories, that these three elements of our SOCIETY have not been radically affected in recent years.

This article will offer a brief analysis into the events taking place and the historical roots behind them. This is indeed a planned collapse, and to be calling it out for what it is now is INDEED too little too late.

As the crisis along our border escalates, we are hearing more and more on the whole situation being a planned event to precipitate the total collapse of our nation. Even congressmen are coming out and calling this a deliberate APPLICATION of the Cloward; Piven strategy.

For those who may not know, the Cloward and Piven strategy was the work of two Sociology Professors at Columbia University, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, designed to organize the nation’s poor and minorities into a power base from which the country, through the democratic process, could be converted into a socialist state.

One of the key components of this strategy was the idea of overwhelming the nation’s WELFARE system to the point where it collapses, and the government would then be forced to adapt socialism.

It’s obvious beyond any doubt that Barrack Hussein Obama is implementing this strategy; after all he did attend Columbia University and was likely educated by Frances Fox Piven. In my article, “President Obama, Frances Fox Piven, and voter registration schemes”
I discussed Piven and her efforts to organize a voter registration drive aimed at minorities by teaching them they were oppressed.

I also mentioned one of my own professors, an admitted socialist mind you, who was likely educated by Piven as he had attended The Columbia University SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK.

In short, people who are calling the border crisis a deliberate attempt to undermine America and collapse her financial system are correct; however, from the perspective of a writer who has been trying to bring many things to people’s attention, they are a day late and a dollar short as this is only one small aspect of many moving parts put in motion a long time ago.

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